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What's Fresh


Even though the store is presently closed, our plans are to OPEN when the Strawberries are ready--approximately mid-June. The store will have QUARTS priced @ $4. We will take phone and Facebook orders for FLATS (8 quarts @ $29 = $3.75 qt); CASES (16 quarts @ $56 = $3.50 qt). We will do U-PICK @ $1.25 lb. Opening dates for the store and field will be announced here (Fb page), answering service (269-467-7719), the large white sign in our front yard, and on our web site

Southwestern Michigan Produce is absolutely the BEST in the world!

This chart has been prepared to help you know when to anticipate your seasonal favorites. By following the "harvest" schedule, your family can have farm fresh fruits and vegetables all season.

Actual dates may change as much as 10 days depending on the growing season.

If every Michigan family spent $10 a week on local Michigan fruits and vegetables, they'd be putting $37 million new dollars each week into the Michigan economy - Michigan Department of Agriculture.

Thank you for a great "summer" Raspberry season in 2016.