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Amish Buggy

About Saint Joseph County:

Amish Culture . . . . .

The local Amish are very, very entrepreneurial; three of the better known Amish businesses that maintain large storefronts are: Miller's DiscountMillers a large grocery store specializing in bulk items; Chupp's Herbs & Fabrics Chupps featuring natural oils and essences; and Yoder's Paints & AppliancesYoders merchandising paints, furniture and gifts. There are many, many other varied Amish businesses featuring produce, greenhouses, wood products, etc., that are located at or near their residences.

Villages . . . . .

Centreville, the county seat, is home to the Langley Covered Bridge that was constructed in 1887 and has the longest span of Michigan's few surviving bridges of this type. The Antique and Collectible Market, featuring hundreds of dealers, comes to the huge Centreville fair grounds five Sundays a year-attracting thousands of visitors. Since 1851, these fair grounds have hosted the St Joseph County Grange Fair, one of the state's largest fairs, averaging about 160,000 paid admissions annually.

Nottawa necessitates a visit to the Nottawa Stone SchoolStone School which replicates the 1870 one-room school setting. It offers its visitors a glimpse into early Michigan public education - complete with McGuffey Readers!

Colon has Abbott's Magic Company begun in 1927 by Austrailian wizard Percy Abbott and Harry Blackstone, Sr., is now the world's leading supplier of magic paraphernalia; naturally, they're the major sponsor of the annual Colon Magic Get-Together, the first week of August, attracting the biggest names in thaumaturgy. Of note, Harry Blacksone, Sr., is buried in Lakeside Cemetery, Colon.

Three Rivers is home to the Carnegie Center of Arts, is housed in one of the few remaining original "Carnegie" Libraries; it functions as a gallery for the fine arts - drawing world-renown exhibits.

White Pigeon was incorporated in 1837 and is the oldest incorporated village in Michigan. The village also boasts the state's last surviving United States Land OfficeUnited States Land Office selling land for $1.25 an acre in the 1800's. It is now listed on the National Register of Historical Places.

Agriculture . . . . .

Agriculture is the area's biggest business; as evidence of the impact of farming, you'll notice field after field with large center-pivot-irrigation systems; in fact, the county is the most irrigated county east of the Mississippi River. Due to the enviable micro-climate, the county grows a long list of popular food commodities.

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